Fernandina Room

The living and leisure room, for the exclusive use of Hotel guests, is a single and magical place, that can provide you an unforgettable experience. Here you can read a book, watching a film, take a drink, savour a snack, or simply being and let yourself go where your thoughts lead you, or board in a journey throughout time, because everything you see around you and  the serenity of the place are an invitation to give wings to your imagination.

In fact, there are few places with a history so unique and secular as this room. During the works for installations of the Hotel of Corpo Santo has been found pieces of Lisbon history of untold importance. The archaeological excavations allowed to put visible a ruins area that sends us back to a Medieval Lisbon, in continuous transformation since the XIV century until the XXI century. Thus, it was possible indentified vestiges of a Lisbon lost in time, once the capital of a broad Maritime Empire, pioneer of globalisation, which brought peoples and cultures and has made known, in the immortal verses of Camões, “new worlds to the world” (Os Lusíadas, Canto II).

History is inside, lives with us and invites us to make really part of it!

In these excavations have been discovered pieces from different periods, many origins, which tell us a story with almost 700 years, and show us how this metropolis, which was Lisbon, was been one of the most important cities in the world.

The man and the evolution of this place allied with natural causes such as the ruin caused by the earthquake of 1755 and the subsequent reconstruction hidden this piece of city's History which is now revealed and visible again.

The integration and musealization of this set with unique nature comes to contribute, in an indisputable manner, to the knowledge of Medieval and Modern Lisbon and of its defensive structures, making of the Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel, a magical place that leads us on an exciting journey in the memory of Lisbon and the World.

Today, rescued from its centuries-old silences, this is a space of many stories, which has seen people leave and arrive from the four corners of the world. Here we travel through time in the history and in memories for those who lived there, built and loved this city. Here have occurred unique episodes of Portuguese History such as the conflicts of the Fernandine wars, or the departing of the Vessels that headed for new Continents, then unknown.

For all these reasons, this is a unique room, different from all the others you know, so close to you, right here, in your Hotel!


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